My work with clients:

 When I hold space for clients, it's about radical acceptance, compassion, curiosity & guiding you into the direction that feels most aligned & is naturally arising from YOU. 

I offer these tools to support women in experiencing more flow, pleasure, bodily sovereignty & freedom in their essence:

Menstrual cycle fluency, Fertility Awareness Method, somatic embodiment practices, nervous system & somatic support, vocal embodiment, healing with the arts, prenatal & birth doula services, & helping you blueprint your own unique cyclical structure method for your life, business, creative projects. 

You will be guided based on your unique needs & journey:

Our sessions together are therapeutic, empowering, and deeply nourishing. With immense compassion, gentleness & complete acceptance, I SEE you and I walk with you through navigating new, more regenerative ways of being & working, relating with yourself & life, & discovering new levels of aliveness & passion within yourself that may surprise you! 

I am here to walk beside you in remembering the power and creative life force within your womb, embody deeper self-trust, pleasure & ease in your cycles, & to birth your sacred gifts or your baby into the world. Our individual transformation is tied to collective transformation. Know that as you heal, you heal the world, too. 

And what a high joy it is to walk with you beloved! 

More from clients:

"Your course altered my life so much, it changed everything! Last year I decided to invest in myself and purchase Leah’s 4 week Cycle Tracking class where we discover each one of the phases of our cycle. One year later and I can say it was an incredible investment for me and my health! I used to track my cycle in a calendar but now I simply “know” what my body is doing. I can feel it! I have gotten so used to tracking my cycle (first by a calendar- now just mentally) I can now feel when I am ovulating, in luteal, etc etc. This has been an invaluable resource for my life and I am so grateful I invested in myself in this way! The fact that one year later I am STILL thinking on a monthly basis- “Man I am glad I took that class!” That is really what true quality is when it comes to our education. It is really an invaluable resource as a womb having human" ~Madeline Ferrell, Rooted in your Medicine 2020 student

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Single sessions: Sliding scale $77-$97
1:1 Mentorship package, MINIMUM 4 month container: Pay in full, $1500 OR pay monthly, $375 

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ROOTED IN YOUR MEDICINE 4 Week GROUP COURSE (Begins may 11th 2022): 3 payment options for economic accessibility:

In a tight place financially but REALLY want to work together? Shoot me an email & advocate for your fine self. Scholarships available on a needs basis.

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